Difference Between Personality And Worldview ~Magical Glasses~

Personality is something you can't change though you can change the way of looking at the world.   I came to realise this by Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler.   Personality in Japanese "性格(seikaku)"  is recognized in Japan as something impossible to change since it's an innate thing.  My head wasn't always clear when I talk to someone … Continue reading Difference Between Personality And Worldview ~Magical Glasses~

FOCUS – “I Keep Moving Forward”

Interviewee  -  Alex from Sweden, 20, living in Kyoto city     How Did You End Up Living In Japan? どうして日本に住むことに?   I got interested in Japan originally because I liked watching anime/listening to Japanese music when I was small. Through that, I got generally interested in culture and the history. And I've decided to … Continue reading FOCUS – “I Keep Moving Forward”