Some Thoughts About Veganism And Boredom

The very first time to know about veganism was when I was working at a real estate company in Kyoto city, on the train back home. I found this debating video by Joey Carbstrong(Vegan activist).


I wasn’t really sure about my reaction to this video, the debate was with the police officers. I remember I was so into watching it feeling alone on the train. (video below)



First of all, I somehow liked the way he was speaking passionately about his belief.  Also what attracted me was that he obviously have something he can lose himself in. I know some activists of any ism, they become hardcore. Just like 9.11.


I would never compare veganism with ISIS at all. Many vegans rather hope real peaceful world. My point is, when I see those who simply into something so deep. Doesn’t matter if it is a sport, religion, job, ism or art. I strangely feel jealous at them.


They can even die for their belief. Japanese used to be honored to die for their country. I think it’s stupid but at the same time my heart beats in point of that they had the most clear meaning of their life(of course not all the cases).


“We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives.” 

By Tyler Durden
Fight Club


We all are living in the world of boredom, which is the biggest fear for human beings. People become a slave of this society to get away from boredom(no offense at all to company employees). Not only working style but pretty much everything you do in life, is to get away from it.


That sounds like making everyone look miserable, but I think it’s just like that, what our life is. Especially this system of consuming society is so well built to make people work(to avoid boredom), and consume stuff they think they need. Amusements in their “private”time is, in fact, also perfect for this society.


** “private” I mean, non-working day given by your company is, depending on how you look at it, the time you get enough rest so that you can work better than the case you are forced to work without a rest. Which means, even the private time you think it is, in fact, is programmed and calculated. Whatever you are enjoying or sleeping home.


I also want to make this clear here,


Wasting and consuming are different.


I’d rather waste my money and time. The definition of consuming, I believe, is that you could never be satisfied.   Never ending desire destroys you and the scary thing is that you are not even aware of it.


I give much weight to how to “waste” my money and time on what I really want. In order to do that, you need to know(figure it out by yourself) what really makes you happy. Not the shape of happiness somebody else gave you. Also comparing to consuming it costs money and takes time much less. It’s not that easy to waste money.


camping japan tatsu

For me, camping makes my life happy. It doesn’t cost much, and I can use my time for reading in nature and stuff. Not because somebody told me, I was simply attracted to life in nature.


Starting the topic of veganism and ended up a topic of boredom lol  It wasn’t even about veganism, sorry if you expected. I will end this blog with a suitable quote for today’s topic.



“All human evil comes from a single cause, man’s inability to sit still in a room.”



Thank you for readying.



5 thoughts on “Some Thoughts About Veganism And Boredom

  1. This article is so good.
    Please look at the recent events in France, where vegans attack butchers’ shops.
    The part about boredom and waste is good. I will go further and write this: minimalism’s first step is waste. To trow usable things to reduce time wasting! It is a denial of the monetary value of the item (some would say an arbitrary number). It’s humanism, and that’s why it makes people happy.

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