We Take a Bath Everyday in Japan


As you may know already, we take a bath everyday(at night). I know it’s very different from European or American style but personally I consider it’s more rational to take a bath every night^^

Why Japanese people take a bath everyday?

As opposed to Rome, Japanese religion (Buddhism) was supposed to purify the things that get into the water. So it was supposed to be a good thing to take a bath.
Also, since the construction of Japanese houses is made considering the summer, it seems that even in the cool and comfortable summer, the inside of the house has cooled down as much as the outside temperature in winter.
In order to warm the cold body, the bath was also indispensable to the Japanese.

Wash hair or not?

Many people especially girls are not washing their hair everyday because it damages it. In Japan everyone wash their hair everyday because it’s considered as a dirty thing to not. Though in this case, basically the type of hair is different. Asian people in general  have thicker hair than white people, maybe that’s why.

My personal biggest reasons to take a bath (which is also for all Japanese)

1.It refreshes the body and soul
After coming back home from work or school, maybe you sweated a lot or got tired/stressed. Then if you take a warm bath, you get relaxed and make your stress go away.

2. It is considered as a dirty thing to not take a bath everyday
I remember when I was not taking a bath everyday on winter holiday because it was so cold winter and I didn’t do anything at home so of course I didn’t even sweat. But everyone around me especially my mum was telling me “ah that’s so dirty!! Take a bath already!”  If the water temperature is too hot or taking it too long, it actually damages your skin(your skin is melting into the water slightly in fact) so for these people who have weak skin condition, it’s not recommended. Well anyway it’s just a common sense that it’s considered to not take a bath everyday, everywhere in Japan.

3. You can warm up your body at least once 
Just by raising body temperature once, the immunity will be 5 to 6 times. That saves you from catching a cold or from any kind of diseases.


When you already caught a cold?

It is said that it’s not a good thing to take a bath when you caught a cold already. But that’s the case when you have a fever or headache because your body cannot handle too hot temperature.

My mum used to tell me it’s ok to take a bath if soaking only half of the body under hot water.  Not sure if that’s appropriate or not thought lol


I will talk about the comparison of bath between Japan and other countries some other time so that’s it for today!! Thank you for reading ~ (^^)/

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